New generation UV-A source. Battery or power operated. Conform to ISO 3059; ASTM E 3022; RRES 90061; AITM - 1001.


The battery may be recharged by connecting the lamp to the base of the power cabled stand.

External battery

Provides the lamp with more autonomy, up to 8 hours in continuous supply. Ultra-flat and light.

Ceiling UV-A LED lamp

16 LEDs UVA and visible light-dimensions L x W x H: 270 × 270 x 70 mm.

Ceiling lighting

3 to 5 UV-A light tubes and 1 visible light tube, length 600 mm.

Articulated arm

The lamp can be maintained in a fixed position. Quick fastening and unfastening.

Camera Adaptor

A camera may be attached on the hull, for expert assessment with documentation.

UV-A LED flashlight

A range of cost-effective, portable and compact UV-A LED flashlights. Designed to meet current aerospace requirements.

Radiometer – Luxmeter - Luminancemeter

A range of instruments used for the measurement of UV-A light, Visible light and the brightness of a visible light source.


White light meter (lx & fc).

Goggles UV-A filter

Improves operator’s comfort. Its colour enhances colour and contrast.