Liquid Penetrant

Washing Gun

A range of air/water or water gun for pre-washing or washing during penetrant testing.

Air/Water regulation unit

Air and water pressure adjustment. Additional temperature measurement, under request.

PSM5 (Grit or Polished) Penetrant System Monitor Panel

Comply with TAM 146040. Contains 5 groups of cracks (star) evenly spaced on the chrome plated strip.

Tesco Ni-Cr Test Panel (ISO 3452-3 type 1)

Composed of two plates, indicator of the sensitivity ranges. Different sizes according to sensitivities of defects: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100μm.

European block ISO 3452-3, Type 2

Monitoring of colour contrast and fluorescent penetrant testing system. Four areas of different roughness and 5 groups of crack type stars.

Ultrasonic cleaning bath

For complete cleaning of test panels after being used in the performance test of the penetrant testing system.

Dry developer control disk

Control of contamination of powder developer in use.


Easy to use, tool for measuring the refractive indices in aqueous solution of hydrophilic emulsifiers. Supplied with the reference curve.

Solvent dispenser

Used during wipe-off for the application of a very small quantity of solvent.

Non-fluffy swabs

Prevents cotton from being saturated with the solvent, during wipe-off operation. Available in two different ends: pointed or round.

Fluorescent indication comparators

Plastics strips, rigid and transparent to assess under UV-A, the size or spacing of fluorescent indications of defects revealed by magnetic particle or penetrant testing.

  • Thickness gauges
  • Radiometers
Sizing gauges

For sizing penetrant indications. Available in two ranges:

  • 0.45mm to 1.50mm
  • 1.50mm to 3.00mm

For time management at the various steps of penetrant testing. 4 countdowns with 4 different timer specific ringtones. 
Can be used standing up, attached by its magnetic back or clipped to the operator’s pocket.


Range of magnifiers typically 2x; 7x; 10x; 15x; 25x, with or without reticule. Used for defect detection/sizing under white light or UV-A light.