Magnetic Particles

Tangential Field Meters

Instantly gives the true and effective average peak values of the magnetic field in different units. Range +/- 333 A/cm effective for sinusoidal field or (+/- 470 A/cm direct field).

Residual Field Meters

Digital Meter remanent magnetic mesurer (for example after demagnetization). Unit A/m or mT (on request). Storing the maximum value. Range +/- 47 000 A/m, by steps of 10 A/m.

Residual Magnetic Field Indicator

Polarity indicator and remanence with needle calibrated in Gauss. Range + / - 20 Gauss.

Residual Magnetic Field Indicator

Magnetic field indicators for confirming the level of component demagnetisation after inspection.
Full range +/- 20 Gauss
Full range +/- 10 Gauss

Ketos test Ring/AS 5282 Ring

Used to check overall performance of the magnetic particle examination system.

Block MTU

Circular in form, it is used to test the effectiveness of new or in use magnetic inks.

Snecma Disk

In a form of a disk with holes. It is used to check the efficiency of the cross-ways magnetization done by a current generator (SNECMA DMC 0070).