Magnetic Particles

Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench

A range of options is proposed to optimize the operation in the production environment. The magnetic bench generally consists of a generator of longitudinal magnetic field by solenoid or heads, of a transverse field generator by passing current in the part, a lighting device and a system of spraying.

Magnetic Particle Special Purpose Bench

A range of solutions specially designed for:

  • Large aerospace parts
  • Forgings for automobile industry
  • Heavy duty cycle

Magnetic Particle Multidirectional Contactless

MPI contactless generates a magnetic flux with variable direction. 
This technique allows to magnetize in one operation the entire part and significantly reduces the number of magnetizations and handling of parts.

Mobile Magnetic Generator

For the industries where the parts are difficult to move to be inspected. These units have the capability to provide magnetization using a direct current flow in the part or magnetic field is generated by solenoid.

Standard and Specially Designed Demagnetisers

Enables the decrease of the residual magnetic field to the required level.

Portable AC/DC Power Pack

Portable power pack capable of variable AC and HWDC outputs which can be used for performing pistol prod and encircling techniques as well demagnetizing components.

Yokes / Permanent Magnets

Articulated arms.
Yokes available in various voltages.